What prior experience should attendees have?

The required background knowledge is what would be covered in a level 3 undergraduate programme, specifically in the areas of computer vision and deep learning. Attendees are expected to know the basics of neural networks, backpropagation, deep learning architectures, computer vision topics like edge features, contours, feature points, stereo vision and similar.

Can you provide details about the accommodation provided?

All rooms will be single occupancy en-suite rooms (single bedrooms with a private bathroom inside the room). The rooms are in the St. Chad’s College of Durham, which offers Bed and Breakfast type hospitality. You can read more about these in the following link https://www.stchads.ac.uk/commercial/bed-breakfast/

I would like to book alternative accommodation, what are some options in Durham?

Within Durham city centre, which will be within reasonable walking distance from the campus, where the lecture will be held, there is:
- Hotel Indigo
- Premier Inn
- Radisson Blu
- Delta
If we go a bit further away, then we have:
- Ramside Hall
- Lumley Castle

I will need to obtain a UK visa to attend the summer school in Durham. Could you please clarify the sequence of visa processing and registration to avoid any potential delays in either process?"

Firstly, please register for the summer school and make the payment in full. Contact the organisers by email specifying your full name, address and passport issuing nation + passport number. The BMVA will be able to issue you an invitation letter for your attendance at the summer school, confirming your registration, to use within the visa application process. You are then responsible for applying for the appropriate UK entry visa in sufficient time to enable your attendance and the BMVA is unable to offer further assistance with regard to the visa application process itself. Please contact the nearest British Embassy or High Commission in your country or territory of origin for advice and guidance on this process that can differ from nation to nation.

In the event that I am unable to attend the summer school due to visa issues, I would like to inquire about the possibility of a refund of the registration fee.

If your visa application is not successful, the BMVA will make a full refund of the amount in GBP minus the transaction processing costs incurred by the BMVA (3.9% for international fees (+20% UK VAT)) within 10 days of the request for your refund (pre-event). All refund requests must be received at least 10 days prior to the commencement of the summer school event (i.e. before 5th July 2024). Refund requests received on or after 5th July 2024 will not be processed owing to the contracted costs incurred by the BMVA for accommodation / catering that cannot be unbooked with the associated suppliers in the period less than 10 days before the event.

I'm facing some financial limitations. I was wondering if any fellowships or grant options are available to help cover the costs?

Unfortunately, there is no additional budget to fund travel and accommodation and the price that is offered now is already subsidised by the British Machine Vision Association.